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Title : Marvel Masterworks: The Mighty Thor, Vol. 6
Author :
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ISBN : 9780785126904
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 240 Pages
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Marvel Masterworks: The Mighty Thor, Vol. 6 Reviews

  • Scott
    2019-04-07 03:00

    This volume was primarily about Odin being immature. After a couple of battle issues with Replicus and the Super-Skrull, Thor and Odin battle the Enchanters, wonderfully imaginative Kirby giant-helmet creatures with a living talisman in each of their chests. The rest of the story is what happens when Odin decides to be a toddlerish brat about Thor liking being a doctor and helping people. This gets him first hypnotized into working with the Circus of Crime, then stranded on Earth with his friends Odin has also chosen to punish, Balder, Sif, and Loki. Loki's relationship to Thor is quite odd as his half brother and essentially his enemy, but it's a little more complicated than that, hence Odin freeing him from punishment, only to take away his godly powers as punishment for going to Midgard (Earth). In an amusing twist, Loki sets out to get his god-powers back via his sister, the Norn Queen Karnilla, but when a new thuggish villain called the Wrecker attacks Loki and briefly puts on his helmet, she gives Loki's powers to him instead so that he can now topple buildings just by sticking his crowbar under them. This is the most amusing of a whole series of plot twists that follow. The gods all get their powers back, but it still ends on a cliffhanger. This is a definite page turner, especially after the first two stories. Don't miss the cameo by Jane Foster and her unidentified beau!

  • Reviewer from Terra
    2019-04-13 03:03

    Kirbys art rocks this collection!Thor! Sif! Odin! Balder! The wrecker! Loki! Asgard! The super skrull! Karnilla, queen of the norns! Need I say more?

  • mercedes
    2019-03-25 00:55

    the issues in this volume have been absolutely fantastic, i hope they carry on like this. my favourite volume yet! (despite the inconsistencies)

  • Angela
    2019-04-20 03:38

    Thor loses his powers, fights Loki, meets the circus of crime and faces the wrecker for the first time. There's some surprisingly good character bits when Thor loses his powers, and it gives you the most insight into his character so far. There's still plenty of action but the plots are slowly becoming more interesting. A good read.

  • Timothy Boyd
    2019-04-23 05:00

    The Marvel Masterworks volumes are fantastic reprints of the early years of Marvel comics. A fantastic resource to allow these hard to find issues to be read by everyone. Very recommended to everyone and Highly recommended to any comic fan.