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Mateo Esposito loves his job. Hired assassin for the U.S. Government, he takes lives and he kicks ass with no mercy.When a job lands in his lap that's just not quite right, Mateo finds himself questioning orders for the first time in his career. Who would have known he'd be undone by a purple hippo... Riley Flynn is CEO of Flynn Electronics. Deep in his closet, Riley wondeMateo Esposito loves his job. Hired assassin for the U.S. Government, he takes lives and he kicks ass with no mercy.When a job lands in his lap that's just not quite right, Mateo finds himself questioning orders for the first time in his career. Who would have known he'd be undone by a purple hippo... Riley Flynn is CEO of Flynn Electronics. Deep in his closet, Riley wonders what it would feel like to be with a man. When his path crosses with Mateo's, their lives will never be the same. Because, Riley is Mateo's next target.... ~ Alaska With Love Josh Montgomery is a red-blooded American male that loves his job and loves women even more. Part of an elite team run by General Derek Jacobs, Josh and his fellow assassins take pride in their jobs. When one Assassin gig turns into a rescue mission on the side, Josh's life is turned upside down by the man he rescues. Now, he has to take a good long look at who he really is. With the help from his friends Mateo, Riley and Troy, Josh tries to understand what he's feeling. Mark Patterson joined Doctor's without Borders to do good in a foreign country. Little did he know a maniacal drug lord would kidnap him and use him to deal drugs, among other things.... Without any hope of rescue, Mark resigns himself to his prison. Until early one morning when he's rescued by a blonde God. Josh Montgomery is tall, light and beautiful....and straight. Being in close quarters only makes things harder on both men, will Mark get his man? Will Josh take a chance.... In the wilds of Denali Forest the two men come together, but is it for good? Or will Mark's past drive them apart? BY THE LIGHT OF THE MOON Dakota Cadotte is on the run and alone. Forced out from his pack by the Alpha for being gay, Dakota fends for himself in the Denali wilderness. When he ventures too far away from his safe zone, he's put right in the path of a truck on the highway and right into the arms of Sam Waters. The two hit it off immediately as man and wolf, but Dakota fears Sam won't be so understanding when he sees what he truly is. When Dakota shifts in front of Sam, the sparks fly, but Dakota's past and pack threaten their new-found relationship. HALF MOON RISING They say you can never go home... After more than a decade, Troy Bishop is going home to the family he left behind when his parents died. Little does Troy know, he's about to get a lot more than he bargained for.... Sawyer Quinton has been waiting for his mate for as long as he can remember, and was beginning to think he'd never find him. Until Troy Bishop walked back onto the Reservation. The attraction is immediate for both men, but one is hiding a secret and the other must finally open is heart. Sometimes you can't go back home....and sometimes when you never leave. BEST LAID PLANS The men of the super-secret Skull Blaster unit have put down their weapons long enough to find love - and even husbands - from Arizona to Alaska and the Olympic Peninsula. Now their new families and friends are hoping to find their own happily-ever-afters. Werewolf Sawyer Quinton’s brothers have finally found their mates in the Drake brothers, Dakota’s former packmates. Things get off to a rocky start but love conquers all. Or does it? Can the Drakes overcome the gay bashing they suffered at their father’s hands and be true to themselves and the men they love? Or are some lessons just too hard to unlearn? FOR THE LOVE OF CADEN Caden Fournier has everything: Money, fame and an international business that's skyrocketing. But the one thing he really wants, money can't buy: Love. When fate puts him in the path of a speeding semi, Caden meets handsome paramedic Kellan Brady. Kellan Brady has been waiting for his mate for as long as he can remember....

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the assassin shifters books 1 6 Reviews

  • Joanne Swinney
    2019-03-05 23:51

    OOPS!! MAYBE A FEW SPOILERS!I’ll try not to rush this review, but I really need to go download the next box set in this series, 7-10 and start reading immediately. There is no cliff hanger, I’m just beyond eager to read more. I have been meaning to read this shifter series for a while, and each time I have remembered about it, I’ve had other things to do. When Amazon offered me sixty days free trial on Kindle Unlimited I jumped at the chance and yes, The Assassin Shifters was my very first purchase. Each story tells you about a new couple, but all the characters in these series are intertwined throughout the book. I would recommend starting at the very beginning. You won’t regret it that’s for sure. A Marked ManBook one tells us about Mateo Esposito and Riley Flynn. Mateo is the hot Assassin, his newest assignment brings him to Riley. Mateo knows things just don’t add up, luckily he goes with his gut and figures it out before he makes the worst mistake of his life. Mateo has never hid the fact that he is gay, the only secret he holds is the fact that he kills people for a living. Totally understandable. Riley is the cutest guy Mateo has ever seen, he can’t help but be attracted to the man. Unfortunately Riley is so deep in the closet it’s never going to work between the two. Or will it? Well, it sure does make for an interesting read. You’ll probably need a few cold showers throughout each story that’s for sure. Things get hot and sweaty pretty quickly with plenty of growling that would melt the panties off a nun. Now what did surprise me was the lack of any shifter within this story, not one wolf, bear, jaguar. NADA.. It didn’t put me off continuing to read. I enjoyed book one so much I carried on, obviously.Alaska With Love Book two gives us Josh Montgomery and Mark Patterson. Josh is the drop dead gorgeous assassin, and he’s a hetrosexual. WOOHOO!! My fantasies are short lived because he ends up in the arms of the delicious Doctor Mark Pattinson. Mark is working aboard when things turn nasty. He is used and abused in the worst way. My heart went out to Mark and like him, I prayed someone would rescue him from his never ending nightmare. Josh saves Mark from the cruel life he had been thrown into. He feels protective over him, and insanely attracted to him. To say he’s confused is an understatement considering he’s been with women his whole life. Things turn a little weird for them as Mateo and Riley turn up for a visit. I’m staying tight lipped, so you’ll just have to read. It’s a small world that’s for sure. No story is complete without it’s twists and this book certainly has them. I was excited in manys ways while reading. Shocks, gasps, surprises I loved it.By The Light Of The MoonBook three, IS SHIFTER TIME!! . Dakota Cadotte and Sam Waters have a strange start to their relationship. Sam hits a wolf and ends up taking him with him on his journey. Dakota knows that Sam is his mate and wants to be with Sam in every way possible. It makes for one hot read. Dakota’s recent past is catching up with him and he fears for all those around him. Little does he know that Sam’s family sticks together. He’s not alone anymore and many things have been kept from him. Dakota and Sam have many obstacles to overcome, on one hand the fact of being a wolf and on the other being human. But true love, fated mates will always find a way to be together. With each new story we are introduced to more characters. Many are family either by bloody, brothers in arms, or just simply they are loved and taken into this tight community of strong, hot, hunky, men, some shifters and Alas, they are ALL gay. Half Moon RisingBook four, oh boy. Meet Troy Bishop, HUNK of S...K (It rhymes), he is an assassin. And the very sexy Sawyer Quinton. Troy is long over due a holiday, even just a break. He needs to go home in the worst way. Troy has suffered great heartache, but has still remained a loving, respectable man. Sam’s Mom and Dad became almost like his parents. They certainly took on that roll. Nadine, Sam’s Mother loves to have a house full, even more so a table full of hungry boys. Sawyer is pining over not having a mate, he yearns to find one. Little does he realise the power behind finding your fated mate. It’s steamy, heavy. God, it’s electrifying. Never in dull moment with these assassin’s or shifters for that matter. I am totally enthralled, I just can’t stop reading. Best Laid PlansBook five, we get double the pleasure. This story is about Grayson and Xander Quinton, and Taylor and Jagger Drake. Foursome, ‘cough’ I mean like any of these guys are going to share. Grayson and Xander are heading to a new job in a new city. Life is looking up until they smell their mates and then find said mates in a very compromising position.It hurts both brothers deeply and they are livid. The Drake brothers feel ashamed to say the least and have their reasons, pfft, MEN! Anyhoo once things settle down the Drake brothers are prepared to end all ties with the sly, gold digging baggage and make it up to the Quinton brothers. The Quinton brothers are both out loud and proud, the Dake brothers not so much. They have been badly abused by their father. Not that you can even call the man that, but he has driven home to them that being gay is wrong, disgusting yada, yada. You get the idea. So, when it comes to going out together all is not perfect after all. Tears, sadness and a whole lot of grovelling is needed to mend more broken hearts. For The Love of CadenBook six the final story in this box set and what a finale. Caden Fournier millionaire, no scrap that billionaire, probably a trillionaire is lonely. Not only that, he is hiding a huge secret. It’s a heartbreaking secret that had me feeling great sadness. Kellan Brady the very beddable shifter is looking for his mate. Kellan works as a paramedic and is called upon some terrible accidents. When firefighters and paramedics come face to face in a huge crash. Kellan comes across a very rude Frenchman, it’s non other than Caden. I suppose we have to give Caden the benefit of the doubt, he was trapped when Kellan found him. We all know true love never runs smooth, Caden and Kellan have some major obstacles to overcome. But with the help of their family, shifters and assassin’s anything is possible. Yessss, I am done. I am now off to grab the next set. I am going to be so lost when I eventually come to the end of this series. If you love all things M/M and shifters then you must go try a sample of this series. It will leave you wanting more. Don’t forget it’s available on Kindle Unlimited so you can read the whole series for FREE!! You can’t get better than that. Oh! By the way Sandrine Gasq Dion you ROCK! Thank you for such breathtaking read.

  • V
    2019-03-26 20:54

    I really love this series, this is the second time that I read the whole series all over again.The only reason that I didn't rate it higher is because I was sick and tired of reading how everyone is soooo handsome, gorgeous, hot ... rolling my eyes There is plenty unattractive people in this world who are as charming and amazing as all these gorgeous people in this book . I would love to read about a overweight or unattractive character for once.

  • Lauren
    2019-02-25 15:27

    DNF @2%, because nope.Honestly, the whole thing is an info dump, and I do not need to know the exact measurements of every character's penis, thanks.

  • Simera
    2019-03-14 17:41

    Over all I liked the first 6 books in the Assassin Shifters Series.The guys giggling did get a little weird at times and all of them had instant love with some drama.I will be reading the rest in this series.

  • stacey henderson
    2019-02-24 20:27

    Fabulous Fabulous Fabulous book. I highly recommend reading this book. Each love story is sweet.

  • Nipa
    2019-03-21 15:31

    Excellent seriesThis the second time I am reading this series or third, doesn't matter still love it. Well on to the next omnibus.

  • 3librisoprailcielo
    2019-02-24 21:41

    I should admit that it’s very difficult to review this series all at once. Right now we have got 24 books in addition to two related series.The first six books in the series have been recently republished in a single volume, also available with kindle unlimited.It ‘a contemporary-paranormal series, whose characters are former military, werewolves and shifters.Mateo Edwards, Josh Montgomery, Sam Waters and Troy Bishop are professionals snipers who, for 10 years, have served United States Army under the leadership of General Derek Jacobs.When they decided not enlist again, the Government has recruited them to form a team of Legalized assassins under the leadership of General Jakobs and FBI agent James Pruitt. They formed a sort of A-team called Skull Blasters, that instead of acting illegally, it acts under the protection of the Government.Their task is to remove the scum or criminals, murderers, large caliber drug dealers and sometimes they have to protect witnesses.Mateo Edwards grew up without a family, moving from one foster family to another, until he joined the Army. He has a sort of sixth sense in smelling to avoid danger, sense that several times allowed him save the lives of his comrades.This sixth sense accompanies him even when he was assigned to the task of killing Riley Flynn, who is not the scum that is used to eliminate, so, for that reason there is something deeply wrong with this mission.Josh Mongomery, hair brush and emerald eyes, has a great sense of humor, he loves women and his work. During a mission to eliminate one of the worst drug dealer, he has to rescue Mark Patterson, an American doctor abducted while he was on a humanitarian mission in a village in the Amazonian forest.Sam Waters and Troy Bishop are both Native American with dark eyes and hair blacks.At that point the story begins to develop in another direction, incorporating other fantastic characters but despite this, the story absolutely does not lose strength.During a vacation in Alaska, Sam meets Dakota, a werewolf who was driven from his pack because he is gay.Troy Bishop, after being away from home for so many years after the death of his parents, he comes back into the reserve, where he met Sawer Quinton.Throughout the story it will add other characters, bosses and killers of the Russian mafia, werewolves, but everything is integrated in a very natural way. All the characters will interact with each other through all the books in the series, so even if a love story begins and takes place in a book, we will find the characters still in subsequent years.The story unfolds from Arizona to Alaska, from Russia to the state of Washington, intertwining the stories of the characters through adventures more exciting, full of action, twists and very hot scenes.There were books that I liked more than others, personally I like the stories a bit suffered, I prefer books in which the rapprochement between the two protagonists is slow and gradual, not those where the romance is immediate because predestination, because they are mate, but the skill of this author is in to attach the public to all the characters, so that in each book is like seeing old friends.Sandrine Gasq-Dion is a very productive author, if we consider that the first book in the series was published only in 2011.The main series “Assassin / shifter” is composed of 24 books (the 25th to be released in summer) and there are two spin-offs: “The 12 olympians” currently consists of 5 books (the last one was released on April 30) where to fight next to the werewolves against a common enemy there will be 12 guys who are sons of the Olympo Gods, each with a special power; and “Santoro” currently consists of two books, but others will coming in the new few months, which tells the story of the Santoro’s Mafia family who already meet in the other series.In her facebook profile, the author has also created a photo album with her version of the characters, all very guessed and each one better than the other.More information, including family trees and groups present in the books can be found at this site: you do not like particularly the fantasy stories another series that I liked a lot of Gasq-Dion is “Men of Mahnattan” currently consists of 5 volumes.I really like her as mm author and I will surely continue to follow her and her work.https://trelibrisoprailcielo.wordpres...

  • Cadiva
    2019-03-16 23:43

    Sloppy mistakes but strangely addictiveThese stories are plot light, sex heavy and littered with punctuation errors, typos and editing mistakes but, in spite of all that, are hugely enjoyable and strangely addicting.It's an interesting premise, a team of former military men now operating for the U.S. Government on covert operations assassinating odious bad guys the law can't touch alongside a b inch of werewolf shifters.The sex is plentiful and well written although the first few books were a bit samey but the characters are quite well defined as are the relationships, but it does sometimes feel a bit juvenile and teenage girly.However, if you're looking for a quick read with very little angst, these could be your thing.

  • Daphne
    2019-02-26 18:39

    Hard books to review. The plus side is that the characters are all very sweet and loving people - they have healthy relationships with their mates and each other. The stories are quick to read and have some variety in the story line. The negative side is that the books feel like they are very clearly written by a woman, for women and the male characters very often sound and act like women. I know that's a huge generalization, but there it is. The (male) characters giggled 80+ times in books one through six. Giggled. Not that werewolves and assassins or billionaires or firemen don't giggle, but that's a lot of giggling...

  • Sandra Ramirez
    2019-03-08 18:45

    Overall I give the book 4⭐️. All the stories were engaging, and well written. The all could have used better editing but it didn't deter me from enjoying the stories. Now to rate them separately. * A Marked Man: Mateo and Riley. 3.75⭐️* Alaska with Love: Josh and Mark. 3⭐️* By the light of the Moon: Sam and Dakota. 4⭐️* Half Moon Rising: Troy and Sawyer. 3.75⭐️* Best Laid Plans: Xander and Jagger; Grayson and Taylor. 3.5⭐️* For the Love of Caden: 4⭐️

  • Karen Lane
    2019-03-06 22:39

    What a rushI can't say how much I enjoyed this series, there were times I cringed a little when they acted girly, but I suppose gay men can have their moments also. Sandrine is one of the most descriptive writers I have enjoyed. I can't believe there are 24 books in this series. On to the next one.

  • Cathy
    2019-03-06 19:32

    Good start to a series. I am looking forward to reading about the General, Derek, and the Homeland security agent, James. The basis of this series is family. Each of the boys goes out, and finds their mate, but each one still knows that home originated on the reservation. They make their own homes, but friends and family will connect them always.

  • Melissa
    2019-02-25 20:37

    I liked the stories, the idea was good and I looked forward to each book because I wanted to see how the MCs come together. I didn't like the love scenes, because it was like reading the same sex scene in each book. Thankfully, there's more difference in the sex scenes in the later books.

  • LindaSusanBuerkett
    2019-03-18 20:51

    Review The Assassin Shifters, books 1_6I have already read a couple of her books but nothing prepared me for these wonderful,terrific,edge of my seat,stay up till 3am books I will try to keep the series numbers in line from now on. Read these books people. They are GREAT!!!!!!

  • Lea Blottiaux
    2019-03-13 21:41

    Good ReadsI just finished The Assassin Shifters Books 1-6. I enjoyed them because of the action, suspense, and romance. I also liked that there were so many characters. It was a good read

  • andrea moran
    2019-03-20 15:40

    Assassin shifters Absolutely love this series and have read a few out of order to to find them in this bundle from the beginning is such a treat. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys this genre with hot men and a side of shifters

  • Laurel
    2019-03-11 23:45

    absolutely loved these books! American Indian werewolves & hot sexy assassins -- oh my! Loved the characters, just enough angst and suspense between the assassins & their enemies and the hot romances as they found mates an fell in lust/love

  • Liza
    2019-03-20 15:38

    Partially sticky sweet and cheezy.... The action part were cool, though....

  • S.
    2019-03-25 22:43

    Perfection I loved every minute of this series! I can't wait to move on to the next box set! A definite must read for all m/m and paranormal fans!

  • Claire Potterton
    2019-03-23 23:28

    I'm hooked!!!

  • J
    2019-03-25 23:45

    Taken as a whole. Wyatt cracks me up. At least this author doesn't totally abandon the characters from previous books like so many. Somethings need improving as other reviewers have mentioned.

  • Love Books
    2019-03-12 17:27

    I loved this whole series. I loved it from beginning to end. Such a hot read but more then that a great story of love, family and friendship.