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We fight our basest instincts. He doesn't want to be tied to a "fragile ape" and I don't want to be tied to an arrogant lizard.But when we crash land into trouble, can we keep our hands off each other long enough to break the ties that bind us?...

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ISBN : 26216863
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mated Reviews

  • Kristy
    2019-05-17 16:00

    I received an ARC of 'Alpha Alien: Mated' from Flora Dare, in exchange for my honest review.I was again drawn into this short installment of Flora's "Alpha Alien" serial, quickly losing myself in the story & then BAM.... I was finished & gifted with another cliffhanger. I do recommend you read this serial from the start. I enjoyed reading this installment & can't wait to read what happens next.

  • Sue Davis
    2019-04-28 13:46

    I WAS GIVEN THIS BOOK FOR AN HONEST REVIEW AND THIS IS MY HONEST OPINION .... OVER 18 READING...... When Meli wakes up a woman,she introduces herself as Thearaugqua Iztan Droqrolla (Thea) , Meli then tells her that her mom was a hippy who named her Melisandrea Epona Jordon (Meli). She then ask Why am I here? On whatever this is? Where am I? What are you? Thea said with all that has happen a few questions is not rude.You are human and I am Madrelir, in my quarters on my brother Tlavi's starship Sekkal Grazoaran, you met him.But she said I can't tell you why you are here, you need to talk to my brother about that. She took her to another room (a bathroom) that took her breath away.After cleaning and in the gown Thea had left for her , she returned to main room. He was there. Now not going to tell what happens next before or after Thea returns, just to say I bet neither time was something Tlavi ever dreamed of happening to him. And all of it fun and very funny. Later in the story Tlavi bust into the room as his sister is pulled away from Meli to a escape pod. But there is just one, Tlavi picks up Meli and starts making the room as safe as possible for them when they crash. So things get exciting from here on out, the crash, landing, injury , recovery, and for Tlavi things he never had happen before. Since this book is called mated ,we know they finally had to, it was only after the mating that he takes the time to explain what it means. But Meli being smart mouthed and feisty as he**, has a very simple solution and plainly tells him. But the gleam in his eye stops her.Now I want.... Alpha Alien:Chosen, I NEED TO KNOW SO MUCH MORE....Where is Thea? Is she safe? Did she know about any of this? What will happen to Tlavi and Meli? Will he ever stop calling her names? Will she get pregnant?Can they break the mate bound? Do they want to? And who is important, Tlavi, if so why and how? But to be honest Meli keeps things of her mom, what most of us would too in her place,But I remember mom helped get this started with the shaman. Could she know more then she ever told Meli? I LOVE stories that keep me wanting more. I could read a dozzen like this and still want more.

  • Elizabeth Neal
    2019-05-05 15:53

    Meli is now on a ship with Tlavi and his sister, Thea. Thankfully, Thea seems nice and helps Meli adjust to her new situation. Thea is also trying to prevent Tlavi and Meli from completing the bonding process. See, Tlavi's people are a little old fashioned and follow their mating urges when they meet their one. But, Tlavi is a wee bit skewed in his stance on humans. As in, Meli is a backwater ape. Yeah, he's one of those. He also can't fight his urges where Meli is concerned and Meli is hot for some scale on skin action herself. ;-)After Meli wakes up and gets cleaned up, Thea steps out to get them some food. Meli, all presentable now, finds Tlavi waiting for her and their urges get the best of them. Thea interrupts just in the nick of time. That was close. Normally in instances like these, some distance is a necessity. But, they're on a spaceship, which is now under attack. Thea is literally taken from the ship and Tlavi and Meli are about to crash.You see it coming right? They're going to be alone. Oh yeah, sexy times will ensue. But will they stay together or is Meli better off back home? Let's see what part 3 has to say.**I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.**

  • Laura
    2019-04-28 13:03

    Great Shorty!This is a great short story; this is part two of the Alpha Alien series by Flora Dare. This book picks up right where the last book left off. When Meli wakes up she meets Thea who is Tlavi’s sister, Meli is still confused why she is so attracted to Tlavi. Thea tries to explain to Meli that Tlavi felt a pull to go to earth and find his mate, Meli. Thea and Meli soon become best friends. If you are looking for a great book that can be read in one sitting then you need to read this series. A Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. The free book held no determination on my personal review.

  • Sheryl
    2019-05-07 13:03

    I was given a complimentary copy for an honest review by author Flora Dare. This is part 2 of the series.Thea explains to Meli that her brother Tlavi felt a pull to earth to find his mate,Meli. But having a human mate goes against his nature so he is resisting the pull. Being attacked by pirates Thea escapes but Tlavi and Meli crash land on a planet and have to wait for help.This story line and the characters is great and the author really knows how to grab hold of you in the first chapter and not let go.This is a great read for any paranormal book readers.

  • Lory
    2019-05-17 14:07

    So book 2 picks up where book 1 ended we have Meli still fighting to get her freedom away from Tlavi but also not understanding her insane attraction to her alien abducted. She does find a ally in her alien sister Thea who quickly comes to her defense when Tlavi takes advantage of her who knew that Thea was a total bad ass.That friendship comes to an end suddenly when there's spaceship is attacked. It does once again end on a cliffhanger so I'm looking forward to see what's going to happen. Overall a good read.

  • Roxie's Reviews
    2019-04-28 17:00

    "Up and away with my sexy Alien"Oh you will love this story!. The plot is unique and amazing!. It is funny,suspenseful and hot!. The characters are so unique. In book one Meli is captured by a Lizard space man. She finds herself highly attracted to. She was knocked out and wakes up on his ship. When she comes to she hears a gentle female voice that turns out to be his sister. now she id trapped out in out space with two lizard people!. This is such an amazing book. This is a 5-star plus story!

  • Jennette
    2019-05-22 17:56

    This picks up right where the last part leaves off. Meli is still stong but she is confused by her need for the odd alien, Tlavi. In this part Meli befriends, Thea, his sister and learns a little about this unexplainable attraction and the possibility of stopping it when the spaceship is attacked and crashes. Thea managed to escape but Meli once again has to rely on herself while Tlavi is unconscious from his wounds. When he wakes things start to get interesting and ... Bam! End of part. I really don't know why I bother with serials, I can't stand waiting. Now I'm interested, so I wait.

  • Angel
    2019-05-21 11:51

    Just when you think Meli is as awesome as she can get, she blows you away in Alpha Alien: Mated. Tlavi's life depends on her, and she has to be stronger than ever - physically, emotionally, and mentally. I adore Thera, who is introduced in this book. She's a great addition, giving you a different side of their race. This one ends quickly, as well, but doesn't have the crazy cliffhanger of the first. I can't wait for the next book to come out!I received a copy of Alpha Alien: Mated in exchange for an honest review.

  • Barbara
    2019-05-22 12:47

    Given to me for an honest review. You will definitely need to read these in order. Well, Ms Dare has me hooked. I don't particularly like to wait for my next chapter of a book, but the end of this part of the story almost has me pacing and otherwise keeping myself busy waiting for the next part to appear on my Kindle. At least in this part of the story they can talk to each other. He has injected Meli with nanobots to translate the conversations.

  • Jessica Mitchell
    2019-04-21 09:50

    A little sci-fi adventure romance that is a roller coaster ride. Book two picks up where book one left off. Meli is still trying to figure out why this insanely hot looking alien is trying to kidnap her but at first also save her from what was going on back on earth. Both of them want to go home their own separate ways but after some explaining she realizing she needs to go through some ritual to make the bond go away. But do either one want the bond to go away?

  • Angelena
    2019-05-22 13:03

    This part was pretty good also, although I've never really been a fan of "biology has taken over must have sex." I don't mind when mates crave each other, just not to that level. Any who I will get part 3 however I wish thr author made the installments longer, like 50 pages at least, or that she just made one shortish book.

  • Lisa
    2019-05-06 12:01

    This is part two of Ms. Dare's Alpha Alien serial. It continues the story where part one left off. It a fun story. I loved the part where Tlavi sister fights him. Go girl power. LOL It's also a lot of fun in reading how desperately he tries to fight his growing desire for Meli. I really enjoyed reading this and feel you will also. Go buy the story.***Gifted ARC copy****L.

  • April Pawless
    2019-05-21 13:57

    I really enjoyed reading the continuation of the series. The writing was awesome and the characters are engaging. I can't wait to see what's next. * I was given this book for an honest review*

  • Shannon The Romance Addict!
    2019-05-12 14:46

    Alien phase.....

  • Leyla
    2019-05-16 12:51

    This is going down the hill at max speed. Review soon!