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Title : Visit to a Small Planet
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ISBN : 9780822212119
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 72 Pages
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Visit to a Small Planet Reviews

  • Basim Mahmoud
    2019-04-22 11:08


  • Denise K.
    2019-05-11 13:51

    Very funny - but I'm annoyed that the version in Preston's literature book is the rewrite of the script that they did for the big screen, and they changed a few things around! INCLUDING the name of Conrad Mayberry, one of my favorite characters, who is now John Randolph. Go figure. But all in all this was a hoot. And let's face it, reading a drama on a page isn't always fun.

  • David Haws
    2019-05-13 13:45

    This seems pretty typical for 1950s’ comedy teleplays. Gore Vidal only occasionally shines through, mostly in the stage directions.

  • John Cooke
    2019-05-15 15:10

    Oh how I wish someone would revive this on Broadway or the West End. In 2017, the time is right or ripe!

  • Sam Johnson
    2019-04-24 12:02

    I was once hired to write freelance essays on this awful play and had to fake my enthusiasm with every syllable. Utterly awful.

  • Nick
    2019-05-12 10:57

    Gore Vidal and....Jerry Lewis? Very early Vidal, either an eclectic experiment or Gore bringing home the milk money.

  • Jim
    2019-05-08 11:45

    Gore Vidal's satire on 1950s militarism and presumptive American superiority is pretty dated. It still has things to say that are worth attention, but it's hard to imagine a modern-day staging of this play that wouldn't require some serious reframing. The story of an ...alien from space named Kreton who seems to be less a cretin than the earthlings he visits, the play has little of the spectacular verve of language associated with its writer, one of the great wordsmiths of his time. As a play it's somewhat more serious than the film version, which was restructured as a Jerry Lewis vehicle. But not by much. After years of things like 3rd Rock from the Sun, it's hard to imagine a modern audience finding the wide-eyed gullible alien here much of a comedic revelation. I wonder what Vidal thinks of it now, fifty years after he wrote it. Not much, I bet.

  • Beverly
    2019-05-16 16:47

    Kind of silly and predictable. And as the earlier commenter said, a bit dated. But there was one line that was still up to date as of last November (p. 97). "Kreton: You're supposed to respond violently to certain combinations of words and music. All primitives can be lashed to fever pitch by selected major chords."

  • Eric Mikols
    2019-05-20 12:02

    I thought I would like this but it's too dated and dull. The jokes about the alien view of our world is not funny enough to last the whole play, which it does. I kept hoping for something to hit, but it's just a play that hasn't aged well at all.

  • Yo Yas
    2019-05-09 12:03


  • Karin
    2019-05-08 16:54

    This was hilarious. Maybe just because I'd never heard of the play so had no idea what was coming, but it cracked me up. I'd love to see it some day, or be in it. Very fun.