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(Author's Note: This is a work of erotic fiction that deals explicitly with sex and sexual topics. It is meant for adult readers only.) All 10 parts....

Title : female recreational
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ISBN : 34745003
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  • Hollow Well
    2018-12-29 06:42

    Hannah, a young woman with a very sheltered background gets seized as an asset when her mother's debt becomes too great to ignore anymore. Due to her great beauty and open heart (which translates to extremely effective sexual intuition), Hannah is irrevocably sold into sexual slavery.The novel does an incredible job of building a world not so much different from our own, but one where slavery is legal. Those who are unlucky or unfortunate find they must forfeit their rights in order to survive. Generally, that means submitting to the culture of slavery where humans are bought and sold, coldly punished for infractions, chained and kept in cages, used for sex, labor, and research. The world is so well developed that an infinite number of engaging horror stories could be written within its confines. But, this is the story of a young woman who is brilliant and has a heart that is greater than all of us. She is simply navigating this new life, trying her best to come to terms with her situation, and still finding a thread of empathy for all those, whether free or slave, she encounters. Her path through this horrific world is so incredibly uplifting that by the end of the novel, I wanted to be a better human.The word "horror" must be defined in the context of this novel. I am NOT speaking of blood and guts and severe physical and sexual abuse that you may find in "dark" novels. Instead I am talking about really small petty things that we do (likely unintentionally) every day which, for Hannah - the slave, could lead to punishments. She knows that she is now just a product - a very expensive product - and her future depends on her owners being satisfied. In this world, the culture of slavery has become so ingrained that the inhabitants see the slaves as something less than human. What may appear to be love between individuals of the two classes only extends as far as the owner's satisfaction. This is the story of Hannah, who navigates the pettiness and jealousies of fellow slaves and her owners with astounding brilliance and humanity.Yes. This is a fetishy novel with extensive care in the description of how the heroine is chained and caged. There are explicit descriptions of her sexual encounters which are certainly not consensual (she's a slave!), but still, never violent. I would rarely, rarely ever give a fetish novel a five star rating. I read them for the fantasy and entertainment, not for their great literary value. But here, alas, I have been tricked. This has been the best fetishy novel I have ever read. Even after ~450 pages, I was devastated that I had reached the end.So very much recommended!