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Three years ago, Miley Cyrus was a virtual unknown. Her life in rural Tennessee was filled with family, friends, school, cheerleading, and the daily tasks of living on a farm. And then came a little show called Hannah Montana. Almost overnight, Miley would rocket to superstardom, becoming a television and singing phenomenon. Quiet days were replaced with sold-out concerts,Three years ago, Miley Cyrus was a virtual unknown. Her life in rural Tennessee was filled with family, friends, school, cheerleading, and the daily tasks of living on a farm. And then came a little show called Hannah Montana. Almost overnight, Miley would rocket to superstardom, becoming a television and singing phenomenon. Quiet days were replaced with sold-out concerts, television appearances, and magazine shoots. But through it all, Miley has remained close to her family and friends and has stayed connected to the Southern roots that made her so strong.In Miles to Go, Miley offers an honest, humorous, and often touching story of one girl's coming-of-age—from private moments with her pappy to off-roading with her dad, Billy Ray, to her run-ins with mean girls. Miley talks about suffering through drama and heartbreak and coming out the other end unscathed (relatively). And now for the first time, she will discuss it all-the milestones still left to reach (driver's license! voting!), dreams to live out (travel to Asia! find true love!), and the lessons to be learned (remembernig to enjoy every moment!).This is a truly unique look inside the world of one of today's biggest and brightest star as she tackles looking back and moving forward....

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Miles To Go Reviews

  • Holly
    2019-03-03 22:30

    Ok, before we start to get judgemental, I must redeem myself by saying that I only read this book to gain a better opinion of a girl that I'd quite honestly only heard bad things about.When I first saw the book, I was honestly surprised that Cyrus had gained a degree of literacy, but, we learn something new everyday.The story documents her life from birth to her current career as a 'singer' and 'actress'. With heavy use of inverted commas. The book is broken up with sections of pictures. I credit her for doing this, clearly her readers need some breaks in the text to absorb and reflect on what they'd read, so they could truly understand the depth that this book goes into. The picture are 'personal' with 'cute' captions accompanying them, to make the gullible pre-teen fan of Cyrus feel like they have been welcomed into their inner circle. *Note. You will only really be accepted if you have suitable hot pants and bong techniques.*Of course, no autobiography would be complete without the obligatory sob story of the girl's struggle through high school bullying. The endurance through the harsh teasing must have been hard for her to deal with, but she succeeded and has climbed her way to the top, to make herself a suitable role model for young girls.My favourite part of the book was were we really got into the nitty-gritty of Miley's life, and it made me realize that underneath the perfection, she really is just a normal girl like me! The reader is told, in excruciating detail the story of Miley's trip to the mall, where, OH NO!, she forgets her tampons. But help is on the way in the form of the women's toilets where they are readily available. Rescued! It's good to know that celebrities are real people just like you and me (though I would have preferred to learn this by knowing that Miley had run out of toothpaste, NOT sanitary products.)So, as you can see, I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and I do look forward to reading the next instalment of Miley's life. Hopefully I can pick up some tips on the best way to pole dance at a children's awards show, and the best camera angle to film myself at smoking from a bong. Thank you Miley for guiding me throughout my teenage life!

  • Jesse
    2019-03-14 18:33

    Honestly, I didn’t expect much when I started to read this. It was mostly out of curiosity since I would have loved her when I was 11. She discusses very real and important things for young girls such as bullying, not getting along with people you have to work with, feeling ugly and depressed, losing grandparents. She seems to take it all in stride and act as a good role model but I’m not sure how much of that is actually Cyrus and how much is her well-paid ghostwriter. She also talks about things that people want to hear about like her relationship with “Prince Charming” and handling fame and paparazzi. The structure and lack of certain details definitely indicates that this isn’t really a tell-anything but something designed to send a message to young girls. It was more or less what I had expected which wasn’t much.One of the things that she makes very clear through constant quotes of Bible verses is her devoutness to God. I respected that until it came off as condescending. Her sister, who is in her 20s and lives independently, wears a purity ring because “she respects herself that much.” So other independent adults who only have sex in long-term monogamous relationships have no self-respect? I respect her attitude about abstinence but don't write off everyone else who doesn't.She also said that “people who don’t know Jesus” make her sad. I’ve heard the good news and I’ve had too many hypocritical Christians tick me off to want to hear it again. God is great but too many of his followers suck for me to want to get involved. I think she’s too immature or closed to other people’s points of view to respect people who don’t make religious or moral choices she agrees with. For someone who works full-time in Hollywood either filming, recording or performing, I expected a more open-mind.

  • Etnik
    2019-02-26 19:29

  • Jazmine
    2019-03-09 22:11

    The autobiography describes Miley’s life before and after she received the role of Hannah Montana. Miley Cyrus grew up on a farm with her family in Tennessee. She went to many places with her father during his career and even had to live in Canada for awhile. Miley always loved to entertain guests and sometimes went on stage with her father. In sixth grade, she was bullied by a group of girls and liked to escape to her horses and competitive cheerleading to get away from the nightmare. After several callbacks, she received the role of Hannah Montana on a Disney TV show; changing her life forever. She moved out to Los Angeles, and rose to stardom as a pop singer and TV star. Gradually, she brought out more of herself on the show and as a singer/songwriter. She also describes her sweet sixteen at Disney, relationships with family, friends, and love interest, stories of her faith, and gives us a peek into her life. She admits though that this is only the beginning of her career. I liked how Miley’s personality showed through her writing, especially with the little side notes and lists. It was intriguing to see what it’s like to be her and to learn more about her history. I also liked how she included life morals and excerpts of songs, too. There were a lot of unexpected surprises like that she was bullied, didn’t get along with Emily at first, and has tachycardia. I feel touched by it and understand her a lot better. I hope she writes another book farther down the road.

  • Libby
    2019-03-05 19:33

    First up, I read this at a friend's sleepover, six in the morning. Sun streaming through the window, she was snoring, I didn't dare wake her up. So I grabbed a book and read. First up--we get it, Miley. You want to look like a perfect Disney Christian. But girl, you do a lot of risque stuff and I honestly struggle to believe that you really believe in what you preach. I really struggled with the religious parts simply because they seemed so fake and staged.There were a few nicely written parts, about how she used her left hand for creating and her right for caring, or something. And then I saw it was one of those co-written books which really frustrate me. If you can't write good material on your own, don't try and publish a book. Go practice, write rubbish first drafts, hone your skills. But don't make it look like you wrote a memoir, and then it turns out another woman wrote most of it. This is not a collaboration. It's just lazy.She also went on and on about how terrible school was. This happens a lot in famous people's memoirs. You don't have to be a drama queen or make everything seem like the end of the world. The moments in books that show strength and courage are the powerful ones. Basically, it felt like a staged book, a cry for sympathy and people to forget the stupid stuff she did {I have no problem with people doing stupid stuff, just hypocriteS}, an attempt to look perfect.

  • Wiola703
    2019-03-26 22:32

    This book makes me want to NOT hate Miley Cyrus. she was a normal girl before her fame. Now, i know that she isn't what people say she is, good book! read it!!! Not finished yet though!

  • Jade
    2019-03-17 17:33

    i love this book! its like the only book i ever finished in my life. its the best. i think she should write another one! i am a HUGE fan of miley's and i think people should leave her alone and give her a chance. shes just trying to have a little fun. she waNTS TO BE A ROCK STAR. AT LEAST SHES NOT HIDING WHO SHE REALLY IS. SHES BEING HERSELF! u people just started picking on her because u have nothing elese to talk about so u take it all on all these celeberties! maby miley likes her new look! i like it! shes becoming 18. LEAVE HER ALONE! PLEASE! oh yah what i learned from this book is that nobodys perfectnot even miley cyrus and just because she looks perfect shes realy not. she has some flaws everybody does! i also learned to not love money because it buys u anything. if an atm gives u extra money than u ask for don't take it give it back. i learned many many more things from this book and remember what i said LEAVE MILEY ALONE, GIVE HER A BREAK, SHES JUST BEING HERSELF!THANK YOU! JADE MOOR

  • Lindsay
    2019-03-23 18:31

    I don't know why, and I can't figure it out no matter how hard I try, why I find Miley Cyrus interesting. I also find her annoying. But I find most celebs annoying. I like most of her music. The upbeat songs are fun to sing to. And her show Hannah Montana really isn't so bad. I can only watch a few episodes at once, but it's mindless entertainment. Something you can just put on in the background and not really have to pay attention to. So for whatever reason I got her book from the library. She talks about her life before she became a star, how in 6th grade the kids would pick on her, and she didn't know why. She used to do cheer leading to help her escape from the bullies and was really happy when she got the part on Hannah Montana because that meant she didn't have to deal with the mean kids anymore. Do you ever wonder if people who are on TV shows get along with their cast mates? I do. Apparently, up until about season 3 of her show, she and the girl who plays her best friend didn't get along. Typical teenage drama. This is a good book for anyone who is a Miley/Hannah fan. And there's lots of pictures. I don't know about you, but when I read a book about some one's life, I like to look at pictures. So if you ever write a book about your life, include photos.

  • Maya Ganesan
    2019-03-10 19:07

    Can I just say that this book, quite literally, has changed my life? MILES TO GO changed my opinion of Miley, too. Judging only by her music and the magazines, my expectations for Miley (and the book) were pretty low. I thought, like a lot of other folks out there, that Miley had the "dream life" and was spoiled. I think there might even have been hints of jealousy in the way I regarded her. That's completely all gone now. MILES TO GO makes Miley more real and brings her closer to her fans. Miley Cyrus is suddenly more down-to-earth, normal, and EXTREMELY relatable -- so relatable, in fact, that it's astonishing that someone so typical could go so far and climb such a tall ladder.Once you've finished turning the last page, you wish there was more to Miley's story. It's the kind of fun, spunky, gotta-keep-reading book (autobio, in this case!) that you wish had an inch or more in it. I'm not saying it was uncomfortably short, I'm just saying that Miley kept me excited for the next page and so caught up in her story that I didn't want the book to EVER end. You can tell that Miley is so humble, compassionate, and really cares about essential morals and values. She knows what she's here for, and through the pages her euphoria at performing is so clearly evident that it makes you smile. One thing that really struck me and made Miley Cyrus, international pop star sensation, so much more likable was the fact that she performs and sings because it makes her (and a ton of people, obviously!) happy. Because she's been singing and acting since forever, and just to continue a lifetime of what she loves, she's acting on HANNAH MONTANA and producing albums.By the end of MILES TO GO, I saw Miley Cyrus as a caring, ambitious girl who's so grounded and aspires to be so much greater than she already is in life. This is the kind of person you'd love to be friends with. The compassionate group of people out there -- a group that tends to be relatively on the smaller side.The book also made me want to dream bigger and be the best person I can be -- trying as hard as I can, because I know there's always a reward at the end of the road. Miley taught me to aspire.I would give a lot more now to know this girl now. Not just because I was suddenly aware of actually how popular she is, but because she shines through as such a charming, charismatic person -- and a perfect friend.

  • Rebecca McNutt
    2019-02-26 00:07

    This book is a carefully crafted lie and pity party for this spoiled child star. Claiming that she was an outcast and bullied and tormented by other kids in what she calls "operation make Miley miserable", she fails to mention that from a very early age she was brought into acting and singing by her famous father and that chances are she was popular in school. I also highly doubt that she was thrown into a small town public school. She then rants about how she's misunderstood and lonely, but at the same time, shares memories of how she was a happily proud child star who sang with her dad and went to concerts. She's spoiled, she's whiny, she's lazy and obnoxious, and this entire book was just a waste of time.

  • Tia
    2019-03-22 17:30

    I was really surpised with this book, it was much better than i expected. My mom bought it for me, i didnt really want to read it but i didnt want to hurt her feelings, but it didnt suck. Don't get me wrong, i didnt love it but still, it was good.

  • Savannah
    2019-02-28 00:23

    Have you ever felt like you really know someone but you've never actually met them?This autobiography by Miley Cyrus gives you a real insight to what her life was like before fame. She re-tells her family life in Tennesee, her hellish experiences with bullies and her triumphs and failures of becoming a Disney starlet. I opened this book expecting the usual stererotypical words of a young celebrity saying how wonderful they are. I thought the story would be bland and ordinary but was pleasantly surprised to read the in-depth life story that had clearly been written from the heart. Miley does not hold back in describing how stardom can be great but can also bring you down. She often referred to being lonely and feeling a great deal of pressure to perform perfectly.I found the style of Miley's writing very informal. I felt like she was talking to me face to face. I like it that Miley wrote like this because it is different to many other books I have read (using formal language).This book is fantastic in the way it shows the real Miley including her self-confessed flaws. This bold move from Miley in releasing a book delving so deeply into her life was inspirational. I think this book is a great read for young girls who dream of being famous as it shows the downside of showbusiness as well as what can be achieved with sheer hard work.

  • Sabrina
    2019-03-23 20:10

    I only read it as a dare and still I found it as the worst book of 2010! Who really gives a care about Miley? She CANNOT write! But the real reason I gave this book only one star is becasue of her reference to God and Jesus. She says, 'I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't know Jesus'. That is terrible. Some of her fans are NOT Christians and this may provoke them to want to convert. I am a happy and proud Muslim and I DO NOT want her opinion of God. I regret ever picking up a copy and I would not waste my money.

  • Claire
    2019-03-25 18:16

    So I read this book because my little sister is a HUGE fan of Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana - and when I say huge I mean she was one of those people that spent 250 dollars to go to Miley's Sweet 16 Birthday party at Disney. She said that the book was good, but then again, this could have been the worst book ever and she would have said its good. But I read it and she was right! It is actually pretty good! I'm the kind of person that likes to know the behind the scenes kind of stuff and this gave the behind the scenes to her life! Also, famous people - young and old - kind of fascinate me, so this book kind of fed that fascination. Just reading about the little things shes done in her young life and how they have affected her and her family was just really interesting.

  • April (Aprilius Maximus)
    2019-03-06 16:16

    I reread this multiple times as a younger teen and I loved it to pieces. It explains so much of her life before and she really was inspiring to me when I was younger!

  • Camille
    2019-03-23 18:33

    No soy muy fan de Miley Cyrus, a decir verdad. Pero tengo que admitir que realmente me gustó este libro. No es más que su biografía, la historia de sus 16 años. Pero creo que Miley ha atravesado por distintas experiencias que valen la pena ser contadas. Más allá de sus experiencias convirtiéndose en Hannah Montana, me ha agradado leer sus pequeñas historias que la han hecho crecer como persona y como artista. Pequeñas historias, sencillas, bonitas, agradables. Hay un capítulo que se llama "Cazando conejos" en los que ves la verdadera esencia de Miley Cyrus. O mejor dicho, de Destiny Hope Cyrus. En ese capítulo (y en algunos otros más) conoces de dónde Miley viene. Quién es realmente ella. Qué es lo que la compone. De qué está hecha.Miley está llena de secretos, de caídas y éxitos. Creo que a pesar de que actualmente la fama se le ha subido a la cabeza y desde mi punto de vista ha olvidado sus raíces, dentro de ella sigue estando la pequeña Miley, el cielito de papá, la hermana mediana de la familia. Miley es muy especial. Me gustaría mucho que dentro de unos años saque una segunda parte de su biografía para ver todos los cambios que se dieron en su vida ahora que es una artista muy reconocida. Quisiera saber el porqué de todos esos cambios. Quisiera que la nueva Miley de a conocer cómo se siente respecto a los comentarios de la gente y cómo se siente ella con su cambio tan inesperado y sorprendente.Les dejo una de mis frases favoritas del libro y una que creo que lo representa bastante:"Existen múltiples facetas en todos nosotros. Quiénes somos y quiénes podríamos ser si perseguimos nuestros sueños."

  • Stephen
    2019-02-28 21:07

    Okay. Saw this in the library. Recalled that it was in one of those listopia lists of books to avoid, so I said why not and read a few pages. This poor child gladly ran right into the spotlights at an impressionable age, the way a fawn is too dumb to know that you shouldn't run toward the oncoming headlights, and no one stopped her. Now she's all delusional, thinking that she paid her dues because she had to sing at a VFW once, and she believes that she is making classic timeless music that will stand the test of time...similar to Leif Garret. Here's some free advice you should consider before you find yourself on the wrong end of a Where Are They Now show on Lifetime that features an interview with the 40-year old you living in a trailer park talking nonsense about your plans for a comeback: First, put that tongue back into your mouth (who knows where it's been). Next, step away from the bong - no good will come of it. Finally, if Madonna did it twenty years ago, or if Justin Beebs did it 20 minutes ago, you probably don't want to do it. Enjoy your fame, honey. You've got about 4 of those famous 15 minutes left before you and Lindsay Lohan find yourself starring in a direct-to-Netflix buddy cop flick shot on video.

  • Stacey B.
    2019-03-03 00:11

    OVERALL IMPRESSION: I am not afraid to admit that I loved the television show Hannah Montana and was sad when it ended. This book pretty much explains how Miley Cyrus became Hanna Montana as well as her journey during and slightly after the show ended. You can definitely tell that this book was written by a younger person by the voice of the story, but I still enjoyed it and was entertained. This book will not blow you away by any means, but it was interesting to me to get an inside look at Miley Cyrus's early days. I really liked reading all of the little lists that were randomly scattered throughout the book.I really wish that Miley would write another book. I feel like she is misunderstood. Yes, she has made some poor choices about the way she has presented herself, but I feel like she is a very kind and caring person. I have seen her on a few talk shows and it seems like she wants to express herself and have fun. I would like to see how a book about the last few years would compare and I'd really be interested to see what she would have to say now.COVER: The cover is fine. It's a picture of Miley for a book about Miley.

  • Kate
    2019-03-21 20:26

    This book was probably one of the worst books I've ever read in my life. But I liked it. The thing I really like about Miley Cyrus (besides her amazing, amazing songs) is that she seems so normal. She gets in trouble for doing stupid stuff that every teenaged girl does. The stories she tells are the things that your average 16-year-old imagines writing in her autobiography. Coming from one of the most famous people in the world, it's kind of refreshing. That said, there is a reason that 16-year-olds should not write books that get published. Especially not autobiographies. It's pretty ridiculous that this book exists, but I think I'm glad it does. At times I needed to take a break from being inside the head of a 16-year-old, but I like picking up Seventeen and I liked picking up Miles to Go. It's not winning any prizes anytime soon (unless the Kids Choice Awards has a book category), but it contains the line "My parents named me Destiny Hope because they believed that my destiny was to bring hope to people." So I think we can all agree that it rocks.

  • Zuha
    2019-03-26 19:30

    Yeah yeah I read it back in the Hannah Montana obsession days we all went through.

  • Adriana Espada leyton
    2019-03-21 19:14

    3.75I'm really surprised! When I started this book, I didn't think I was going to enjoy it that much, yes, I like Miley, but I'm not a huge fan.That being said, I can't believe how much Miley's changed! I liked this book, it was super fast-paced, entertaining and good.

  • Shahna
    2019-03-24 17:32

    I really like Miley. I have from the very first Hannah Montana episode until now. I think people are trying to find faults in her that don't really exist. You have to remember that she was 16 when she wrote this and is 22 now. People change. They grow up, they learn more and they have different opinions. You can't hold her to what she said as a child. This book is well written and easy to read and I liked it. I like her little scribbles on the side of the pages and her photos and the stories are cute. And the random bible versus didn't even bother me. Usually they do, but there not over done here. I read some other reviews and I think the people who wrote them are pretty ignorant about Miley Cyrus and what she's doing in her life. It may look like she's a mess, but she's not. She's an extremely talented artist who writes her own music, and she creates visual art and clothing. She has positive body image messages and she accepts everyone. She doesn't treat her fans like garbage either. She works with many different charities and have donated countless hours and money to many causes, and she has since she was a child. How can people think she is stupid and wrong and gross? I think she's fantastic. There are many instances in this book where she states that she wants to be young and free for as long as she can. To live life to the fullest and to experience everything. She doesn't make music to make money, it's just a bonus. (She just released a free album, btws) She's not afraid to be herself and she shouldn't have to be. I like this book and people should read it. Like, really read it. You'll probably learn something. Don't just assume everything is fake and made up because it came from a celebrity. Sometimes they are good people, just doing the best they can with what they were given.

  • Nikki Marowelli
    2019-03-19 21:08

    The genre of this book is autobiography. It is the life story of Miley Cyrus and how she rose to fame. I choose this book because I love Miley Cyrus even though alot has benn said about her, and I wanted to hear her side of the story. The main characters in this book are Miley, her family and her friends. She starts the book back in her home town in Tennessee, back when she was just a baby. She says that her stage prescence came from being on stage all the time with her father, Billy Ray Cyrus. She tells us all about her childhood and how she was shy until she started doing cheerleading. She tells us, also, about her journey to get to being Hannah Montana and being on Disney Channel. The central conflict is man v. herself because she did deal with alot of self image issues when she got to Hollywood, and man v. man because she had to deal with alot of bullying as a child. I think that the theme of this book is never let the fear of stiking out, keep you from playing the game because even though she did get rejected a few times, she still persevered and that obviously got her alot of places. The writing style of this book is easy, because it was made for young Miley Cyrus' fans. I really liked this book because it shows that she didn't just become a star out of nowhere, she actually had to work for it.

  • Molly
    2019-02-25 19:35

    I read the book Miles to go by Miley Cyrus. It was about 177 pages the genre of the book was a memoir. I would recommend this book to teenagers that like Miley Cyrus and want to know more about her. The book was all about mileys life. It talks about before she became famous she lived on a farm Tennessee it was filled with family, friends, school, cheerleading, she talks about her journey of getting the role of Hannah Montana. Her Quiet days were replaced with sold out concerts, television appearances, and magazine shoots. But through it all, Miley has remained close to her family and friends and has tried to still make time for her family. She also talks about how she was bulled in middle school and how close she is to her parents. Also about the heart break of a relationship. She is very open and talks about she worries about her acne and her appearance and is not as perfect as she looks in photo shoots. I really enjoyed how this book talks about real life stuff that I can relate too.

  • Oumiie
    2019-03-12 21:07

    Before I read this book I thought that it might have been alright, but it was a lot better than I had expected. I think it was very sincere and touching on how she has written this book and carefully filled in the pieces of her life so far.My favourite bits were when she explained how she got locked in the janiters closet in high school by the school bullies and when she met the little girl Vanessa in hospital. I think that it is very good how Miley can have the time to spend with children in hospitals and how she loves her family and friends more than ever now she is famous.What I really enjoyed about this book is that it very carefully written with honesty, hopes,dreams and big ambitions that she will never give up on.I would recommend this book to all children out there becuase it is a truly amazing book wirtten by a truly amazing girl. It's a very nice book!!! So girlz please read it and well see if we feel the same way!!

  • Jenna
    2019-02-24 19:25

    People always get the wrong idea on Miley Cyrus, and they dont know her. It upsets me how people can make such a incocent girls life miserable in the real world for other people to judge her. I am already a huge I mean a HUGE fan of Miley Cyrus. I know so much about her, and my room is full of her. After listening to peoples opinions on Miley made me wanna read this book. Reading this book I learned a whole other side of Miley Cyrus. Trust me I hate reading but I couldnt I just couldnt put this book down for anything or anyone. She show's you a whole side of her NO one knew. Miley is a really sweet girl, she cares a lot about family. Reading this book made me realize the important things in life. Miley is truly my hero, and my idol. I loved this book, and I do recamend this book to anyone. Every time someone judges her around me I go off and stick up for her, because I am a huge fan and I take my time to get to know the REAL Miley Rae Cyrus.

  • Always
    2019-03-25 18:05

    Okay...what I learned from this book? Well, I learned that Miley Cyrus isn't a BAD person...but there are still some things I dislike about her. For one, she didn't even have to go through rejection in publishing her book, Disney PAID her to write it. Oops, my bad, I mean co-write it. For two, her family is PERFECT. I mean, she basically grew up in show business, with her dad's career and all. But the thing is, the way she describes her journey to stardom, or in other words her journey to Hannah Montana, she made it seem like it was so difficult to get to where she is. But with her awesome family supporting her, it's like she was HANDED her career. Other than that, I really do respect her a lot more. And hey, maybe some people are just meant to be famous. She's blessed, but at least compared to other stuck up famous people, it seems like she knows it.

  • ↬ Sarah ↫
    2019-03-05 19:09

    When I was younger, I really liked Miley. She was such an inspiration and super gorgeous. I got this book as a present and read it over and over agian. She actually is a good writer. She makes her autobiography enjoyable and fun, as if you're a part of the story. It's very unique and it shows the true Miley and how amazing she, well, was I gave up Miley after Can't be tamed came out and her world came crashing down. But I still remeber the old her and how wonderful this book was. I wish I could still read it but some kid at school stole it and I can't get it back. But it was sort of my secret. Anyway, If you're a Miley fan then this is an absolute, must-read.

  • Rachel McCarthy
    2019-03-02 19:26

    This book isn't necessarily bad, but it just isn't all that good. A sixteen year old writing a biography? To me, this could only result in failure. The book was surprisingly kind of interesting, although not the height of autobiographic literature. I think that if Miley gave it a few more years and then released the book, say when she's 30 it would've been received better. But because currently she is commonly viewed as a spoiled brat (no offence) it is quite hard to believe some of the things she says in the book. Now I'm not calling her a liar, just merely pointing out that due to her public image, it's hard to take the book seriously.

  • Tanni
    2019-03-08 22:09

    I was very surprised at what I read. She is a very well put together girl. I love that her family and The Savior are the most important things in her life. She is a very spiritual and moral role model and that makes it so much easier for me to watch my girls watching her. I think that what she has done so far and lived through in her short 16 years has made her wise beyond her years. I very enlightening book.