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One minute Mel Beeby was crossing the road, working out the clothes she was going to buy with her birthday money. But then — BANG! — she's suddenly a student in some posh Angel School, learning about halos. At least the uniforms are cool......

Title : Winging It
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ISBN : 9780007204717
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 144 Pages
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Winging It Reviews

  • Kat Herondale
    2019-03-01 18:15

    My childhood books! I will always love this series,I think she did such a great job with them.To this day I'm still attached to the characters,the lot was so original and I loved the missions,it's just amazing. I've re read them recently and I'm so glad that they really are greatly written books,and not just due to my fond memories,still one of my all time favorite series,and I hope others have read them too.I actually had the pleasure of meeting Annie when she came to my school! I'm so glad my books are signed,and she's one of the first authors that really inspired me.Love her!

  • Melissa **Just Really Loves Musicals**
    2019-03-21 23:12

    Loved this book when I was a kid but never continued with the series. Maybe I'll reread it some day and then read the rest of the series too!

  • Brittany (Nice Girls Read Books)
    2019-03-20 15:10

    I read this series when I was in grade nine, and loved them so much... now, when I re-read them, they're still good but clearly for younger teenagers. I finished the book in little more than an hour.I like the concept of it: dead girl in heaven, sent to go back in time to be an angel in all those historical events we know of... it's charming, really.I recommend this series for budding readers (young girls in the ages between 10-15) who are looking for a good story with a relatable main character.

  • Rebecca McNutt
    2019-03-20 19:30

    Winging It had a creative plot but I couldn't relate to the cookie-cutter teen girl main character. Her mind is so wrapped up in boys and shopping and such that she doesn't think of much else.

  • Felix
    2019-03-25 18:25

    I first read this in year six and loved it then, but I was wary of it seeming less challenging and therefore less enjoyable this time around... Good to know I was wrong!

  • beth [ia] ᴄ
    2019-03-14 17:12

    I haven't read this book in over 3 years. But I still remember a lot of it. Like, I remembered Mel, Lola, Reuben and Michael. But I had completely forgotten about A..., the twins and Orlando. These books are a lot shorter than I'm used to, but sometimes that's good! I think this book probably could have been a little longer, as parts (the mission, the kindergarten etc.) I think could have definitely been longer. (view spoiler)[ FOR THE REST OF THE SERIES DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN'T READ AT LEAST THE FIRST 3 (view spoiler)[SHE MET BRICE! I think his name's Brice... Hehe. Brice was my first ever fictional boyfriend. I actually fantasised about him. And I was like, 10.(hide spoiler)] (hide spoiler)]I have read (and own!) all if these books, except the last one! So, yeah, I know stuff. I've already started Losing The Plot, and will probably finish it over the weekend. My goal is to finish the Heavenly Collection over the weekend, so I can start the next 3-in-1 next week!

  • Angelique
    2019-03-21 20:22

    I read this years ago and I remember loving it. it was one if the very few books that I read from start to finish while I was in school. I never got past the first book though, but have thought about this book and finishing this series every so often. I hope that I'll have enough time this summer to read them all, even if they are tailored for teens. I did enjoy this book when I read it.

  • Olivera
    2019-03-17 16:21

    Like many people, I read this when I was 10 to 14yrs old I would say. I remember getting 3 at Christmas and reading them in about 2 days. I really liked the concept and historical sides of them. I used to get so excited over them, would definitely recommend as YA fiction.

  • Lilee White
    2019-02-23 17:13

    This was just one of those books you read as a child and the plot just stays with you. loved it as a kid, rereading it now I know it was written for a younger audience but I still love it. Great book XD

  • Kat
    2019-03-01 22:28

    For a kid, this book has some good lessons. It's filled with sublime imagery that will stick with you for years, with a small measure of a history lesson thrown in. As an adult, the main character, Mel, is frustrating - refusing to pay attention in school, caring only about shopping and boys. But kids for whom school is a chore, will find a relatable character who will help them to see that their strengths may lie in other areas of life, and help them focus on getting through it. I recommend this book for any child out there - even if looking back on the writing style and all it's outdated slang is somewhat painful all these years later as an adult (but, hey, this book isn't intended for my age group).

  • Grace
    2019-03-09 21:22

    I didn't enjoy a lot of the books I read as a child, but I remember adoring these. I read three of them, and I can still remember them very well! I used to use bits of what I read to get me brownie points in history lessons. :D

  • Hannah Howard
    2019-03-08 22:28

    Couldn't sleep so read this. A lovely easy story about Mel, a young girl who is soon to realise that everything can change !

  • MissA
    2019-03-02 17:36

    i ahve read mostr of the series of the book and i have to say annie dalton is really talented though i would say these kind of books are for the younger readers. the story is baout a girl called Mel who has died in a car crash and become an angel. at first when i read it i thought it eould quite sad but the book is more of an adventure story in each book she gets teleported to a different century a different time where she has to use her angel powers to elimiante all the bad angels, although i would say that the story is quite cliche and quite chick flick and not for those who love action and things that really capture the senses although a good book i would say only for the young readers.

  • Natacha Rosenberg
    2019-03-18 21:27

    I read this entire series on Danish when I was a kid and loved it. So one day I felt really nostalgic and decided to buy the first one on English and god that was a good decision. It was just as cute as I had remembered it! I flew through it. While it's obviously intended for younger audiences, I still enjoyed it as an adult, and feel that other will too. The plot too is very great, but since it is a short book, you should know that the plot develops very quickly. But if you're just looking for a fun and cute read, you should definitely read this awesome book!You will absolutely get hooked and want the rest of the series immediately!

  • Eleanor Gillman
    2019-03-11 16:16

    I absolutely adored these books as a child, so I was a bit wary of rereading them incase they didn't live up to my fond memories, but I recently started the series again and loved them! The books are short enough to easily be managed in a few hours, the characters are likeable (I totally used to want Lola to be my best friend) and the action is fast-paced and fun. This book - the first in the series - is a little difficult to get started on as the overall plot is being introduced, but once the action gets started you'll be hooked!This is a brilliant series that is perfect for older children/early teens, I highly recommend it :)

  • Lemon Tree
    2019-03-06 17:31

    These series I hold dear to my heart. I remember reading the first, and I was twelve or so, and being introduced to a main character dying. It was shocking, but in a good way, because she became an angel and not just an angel, a guardian angel, and she transformed in angel-land as she had to learn to be a better person. This is one of those books that just has this thing... this... click? I have no word for it. Few books have it, but if you need an example; Harry Potter has it. Great read for young and old.

  • Hayley Treasure
    2019-02-26 18:19

    I read this book as a child and it was the only one I ever had the patience to finish! Unfortunatley at that age I didn't bother collecting the others to read but I have recently found the book again in a cupboard and read it to my 5 year old daughter. She absolutely adores the characters and we are now collecting the other books and currently reading the second. I would recommend. :-) x

  • Kate Jordan
    2019-03-10 15:22

    I remember reading them as a child, and absolutely adoring these books. Now, reading them as a 22-year old adult, it's easy to see why. Mel is a relatable protagonist, the action is fast-paced, and the sense of danger is present in every mission the angels are sent on. Thrilling stuff for a kid. I'd highly recommend this series for any child in the 9-12 bracket.

  • Jordan
    2019-03-19 22:14

    I randomly thought about this series earlier today and had to look it up. I remember I loved this book when I was in elementary school! I don't remember a terrible lot about it except the part where she's like "I'm so glad everyone here speaks English" and the others laugh and say "No, we're speaking, well, angel." Idk.

  • Rinda Rosifitriani Rohimi
    2019-03-26 20:10

    bercerita tentang seorang anak yang sudah meninggal diusia 13 tahun,dan masuk di akademi malaikat,dan ia menjadi malaikat kecil,tapi dia adalah anak yang sangat malas,tetapi pemberani dan ia mengalami petualangan bersama teman yang berbeda zaman

  • Jasmine Anne Victoria
    2019-02-27 21:38

    A great read it puts angels in a different light and sows that you donn't have to be sickly sweet to be nich. As Mel learn as she becomes a 13 year old angel and learns helping some on is more importent then a trophie.

  • Ella
    2019-03-24 23:08

    Yes, I know it's basically a children's book. But you know what? I've really enjoyed it. I've read those books when I was like 12 but I've never read the entire series so that's what I want to do now.

  • Cris Mercury
    2019-03-25 16:09

    I loved this series when I was around 14 or so, they were full of adventure and fantasy. I read from the first to the sixth, and even being 20, now that I know that there are 5 more to go, I'll read them without a doubt.

  • Emmylou Rose
    2019-03-17 17:16

    I loved the series when I was younger and the plot have just stayed with me through all the years but to be honest, the first book was a little hard to swallow - but then again; it is worth reading it because when the adventures begin, you will be loving it!

  • Vendela
    2019-02-28 18:34

    thinking back this series makes NO SENSE! shes DEAD! why is she in school! okay shes an angel but what!!! god needs to fix his educational system!

  • K Ada
    2019-03-17 22:25

    An enjoyable light read.

  • Thetravelingpanda
    2019-03-11 22:37

    I read that book as a child, and it was really good! it was not the every day children book you can find and it was somehow funny. The protagonist was also great.

  • Gen
    2019-03-20 18:34

    Story about a dead teenager who joins a group of time-travelling angels that save the world. A fun read for tweens/younger teens

  • Tara Calaby
    2019-03-26 17:34

    When I started reading this series, I found them fun but not life-changing... and yet now, several years later, they're still stuck in my head. Stealth favourites ;p

  • Balletprincess
    2019-03-14 15:27

    really good book series