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Harry Fein, a cab driver in Boise, Idaho, is obsessed with the art of dying. Jacob Pratt, a quiet man with an abusive past, is obsessed with the art of killing. When their lives intersect, so do their obsessions, and as the real becomes surreal, there's a distinct possibility Harry won't last through the night.A Sibling Rivalry Press Digital Exclusive eBook....

Title : how to kill harry
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ISBN : 9643954
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 272 Pages
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how to kill harry Reviews

  • Eric
    2019-05-19 15:07

    How to Kill Harry is a dark and quirky fast paced book that I couldn't put down. Why this book isn't a best seller is beyond me. I can't wait till Leigh Binder writes another novel!

  • Guy
    2019-05-04 09:51

    Very Interesting book. It drives you in the streets of one man, one night, and show a lot about us, human kind, in general. Very wise and poignant.

  • Nehal Shah
    2019-05-13 15:06

    How to Kill Harry by Leigh BinderSibling Rivalry Press, November 2011266 Pages (paperback)Reviewed by Nehal ShahLeigh Binder’s first novel, “How to Kill Harry” is an underrated, fast-paced psychological thriller that will thrill you to the core while you are confused whether to cry or to laugh. A story that will challenge your thoughts and make you ponder the complexities of life. The story that talks about strong protagonists who are common men with their monotonous routines and not so spectacular lives and how one night is all it takes to turn it all around, how when paths cross, brings back the baggages of the past and the true beast living behind the charade of simplicity are unchained or when traumas from the night lead to visions of seeing ghosts in the headlights of the cab, literally.The story takes us through so many twists and turns, ups and downs in Harry Fein’s cab. Harry is a free-spirited, intelligent and a man who has a strange interest in the matters of Death, while he enjoys having “DeathVisions” of random passengers and people in his life, he never visualized the chain of Deaths that were going to unravel in front of his eyes on a quiet modern-day Boise (Idaho) Saturday. Events that are going to lead him to Jacob Pratt, a strange quiet hardworking man, with a stranger abusive past, a man who is disrespected, unappreciated and unloved by his children, his boss and his wife. It had to end someday. Driven by inner demons, turning into a bloodthirsty artist of death. It was obvious when Harry picked up Jacob, he would either be dropped off at a morgue or Harry would end up in a grave by the morning. One thing is for certain you are never going to look at the cabbies the same way ever again.Even though this book is almost perfect, there are certain things that truly can turn off a reader. Binder has an unbelievable skill of making sketches of his characters but when the canvas is left incomplete, it hurts a lot as a reader, what I mean to say is that he introduces us to so many impactful and amazing characters, with rich backstories and detailed descriptions, but he just leaves those characters out, me as a reader was waiting till the very end, when those characters would return back into the action, but they never did. Apart from that I felt this was an amazing novel. A novel that has lines that are provocative, impactful and inspirational on every page. Binder truly has the power to bind you up with his chapter design, every chapter is in relation with Harry’s location and time, but also show glimpses from the pasts and present of other important characters in the book. Paragraphs like these truly show you the quality of the writing that Binder has to offer,‘Denial is a strange demon; a push me/pull you of angst and depression. It slides down the throat to find hidden corners to live and wait. Denial lurks in the darkness of the soul, living as inmate and guard simultaneously. Yet once uncovered and exposed, the destruction that follows can only be summed up by the anguish it has bestowed.’I personally enjoyed reading this novel and the dark yet poignant ride with Harry was one that I am not going to forget anytime soon. If you are someone who enjoys reading a descriptive, witty realistic fiction, fast paced psychological thrillers, dark emotional comedies and provocative issues related to society, I guarantee you, you won’t be able to put this book down as you are taken to the grittier side of life, the side that is deadliest after the dark and so hail your nearest cab and pick up this book about a cabbie and then put your seatbelt on as you get lost on the streets of Boise.